Our story

In 2015 we started to dream of opening a space where everyone - designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, nurses, risk capitalists, construction builders, teachers, coffee roasters, environmentalists, cleaners, philosophers... Everyone! - could prototype ideas, test and launch new products.

In 2017 we opened the first Toolspace in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2018 we launched Ideaction Accelerator Program for early stage ideas which led to the creation of 42 ventures.

In 2020 we opened Toolspace for every professional in needs of rapid prototyping and support to realise their hardware-enabled product. 

Today we offer highly flexible services

Our focus is on :
- physical (hardware) products of any kind : from design objects to IoT solutions, deep tech and piece of art.
- circularity and sustainability : make the right decision at the design stage ease the process. We look at material, supply chain and business models. 


Our team

JB Gérard and Mikael Beving at Toolspace_edited_edited.jpg

Mikael Beving



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JB Gérard and Mikael Beving at Toolspace_edited_edited_edited.jpg

J-B Gérard



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